CADAVER COURSES for doctors on various specialized areas

RPE Locus, LLC is the organizer of educational events with the aim of developing techniques and skills, advanced training, exchange of experience and acquaintance with novelties of the medical devices market.
  • Educational events for doctors
    The course is held in the form of short-term training using cadaver material and issuing a certificate of the established form.
  • Promotions for merchandising goods ordered by manufacturing companies
    They are organized for demonstrating new instruments, equipment, and consumables of the declared company.
    - in the form of trainings, cadaver classes for surgeons / doctors;
    - in the exhibition form.
  • Master classes
    Master classes are conducted with the participation of experienced doctors to demonstrate new techniques and methods.

We conduct cadaver courses in the following areas:

We offer

Professional organization of training
Holding events at licensed venues equipped with modern facilities in Yekaterinburg and Tyumen
High-quality and safe biomaterial
All the materials are tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Covid-19, and are accompanied by an official medical certificate and the results of serological studies.
Training in small groups from 3 people
All educational events based on cadaver material are held in a small group, which allows each participant not only to be present, but also to effectively practice techniques.
We invite
scientific and educational centers, doctors - teachers, manufacturers of medical products for cooperation