Mission of RPE Locus

The main task of our activity is to provide opportunities for doctors of various specialties to improve their level of professionalism, acquired skills and develop new techniques and methods. Working with cadaver material raises the level of specialist qualification, leads to high rates and excellent results in the subsequent work with patients.

Following our mission, striving to improve the quality of medical care in Russia, we also work with manufacturers of well-known world brands in the field of medicine, which gives us the opportunity to supply medical institutions in Russia with the best medical consumables, instruments, and medical equipment.
The priority of our activity is an individual approach to each client.

We strive to provide the most favorable and comfortable conditions for cooperation, taking care of the preferences of each client.
    medical consumables, instruments, equipment
    Check out our partners in the section "Manufacturers" or leave a request, and we will choose the best option for you.

    When organizing a turnkey educational event, we will be able to offer you the necessary consumables, instruments, and equipment on favorable terms.
    cadaver materials and courses
    We supply high-quality and safe cadaveric materials.

    All products are tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Covid-19 and are accompanied by an official medical certificate and the results of serological studies.
    for cooperation
    - Scientific and educational centers
    - Doctors - teachers
    - Manufacturers of medical products